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Bill Sallenger in 1977, 7 years old

Billy Sallenger in 2008, 7 years old

It must have been fate that Bill Sallenger grew up next to Gary Sandidge, owner of Sandidge Bulldozing & Excavating in Glenarm, Illinois. From the time Bill was a child he was on heavy equipment and was fascinated with everything about it.

It wasn’t long before Gary had Bill operating equipment on his jobsites. Under Gary’s guidance and operating equipment from the age of 7, a dream began to cultivate within him. Some day he would own an excavating company.

Two weeks out of college, Bill went to work for a large reputable heavy highway contractor as a dirt foreman in 1992 at age 21. He worked his way up through the company and became the Vice President of Construction Operations at age 28. Although his job of ten years was fulfilling, Bill still had that itch to start his own business. Bill and Cathy got married and started a family in the late 1990s. Cathy saw the ambition and drive within him, being business minded herself, they set a plan into motion to make this dream a reality.  In 2002, just a few months after the catastrophic events of 9/11 Bill and Cathy, decided to form an earthmoving company. While it was a time of uncertainty for our country, they had the confidence to pursue their goals – and their decision turned out to be the right one.

Since 2002, Sallenger Inc., continues to grow each year through referrals and repeat business – all proof that they are filling an important need in Illinois and Missouri for quality earthmoving services delivered by honest, hard-working people.