Sallenger Inc. provides a variety of services to landfill owners, power plants, coal mines, commercial development groups, and farm and grain companies. We perform our work using Caterpillar, John Deere, and Case International heavy equipment, and use the latest GPS technology for accurate and efficient grade control.

Our Services include:


  • New Site Development
  • Cell Construction
  • Final Cover Construction
  • Sedimentation Control

Site Development

  • All types of Land Improvement Work
  • New Facilities Sitework
  • Existing Facilities Sitework


  • New Site Development
  • Box Cut Excavation and Backfill
  • Refuse and Slurry Impoundment Construction
  • Final Closure Projects
  • Quarry Overburden Removal Projects

Power Plant Services

  • New Plant Site Developments
  • Fly Ash Landfill Construction
  • Fly Ash Landfill Closures
  • Fly Ash Pond Excavation and Maintenance

Railway Construction

  • Railroad Loop Construction
  • Railroad Spur Construction

Water Resources

  • Water Treatment Plant Site Development
  • Levee Construction
  • Detention Ponds and Reservoirs
  • Wetland Construction

Specialty Services

  • Slurry Wall Construction
  • Land Clearing: Burning/Grinding Operations
  • Right of way clearing, mowing & maintenance

Agricultural Services

  • All types of Land Improvement Work
  • New Grain & Fertilizer Facilities Sitework
  • Grain Flat Storage Sitework
  • Ethanol Plant Sitework